The Country

The Country

The boundaries of the Gambia closely reflect the course of the river, which at its widest point is 15 miles across. The creeks wind through mangrove swamps creating an ambience of tranquility and a haven for wildlife. Take an early start to see the birds and enjoy breakfast in the serenity of the surroundings. Cruises also run during the day where you can do a spot of leisurely fishing, and perhapse take a swim in the calm waters.


Take a boat to Jufureh and meet the descendants of Kunta Kinteh. The claim by author Alex Haley, to have traced his ancestors back to Kinteh Family has made the former slave trade trading post Jufureh and the nearby Albreda, a popular visiting site. The slave house and the Cannon still remain from the French trading post which was founded in 1681. Accross teh water is James Island, founded by the British in 1651. The water is gaining ground on the island and it is now only one third of its original size.

Up Country

For the more adventurous who wish to explore further afield, excursions can be arranged through various tour operators. Take it slow and easy ona 10 day boat cruise to Basse and back, or over land by 4 wheel drive. Do make sure that you use knowledgeable and experienced operators, some of the roads are not so good! Some trips may last several days staying at up country camps. Tours can also take you into the Casamance region of Senegal, or by crossing at either Banjul/Barra or Manso Konko/Farafenni to reach the north bank and into North Senegal.

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