Roots Home Coming Festival

Roots Home Coming Festival
15 Jan 2013

Program to include

Friday 3rd Welcome Reception and Registration

Day 1: Open Carnival Procession and Masquerades
Day 2: Roots Day; Visit the roots trai, village of Juffereh and Kunta kinteh Island and slave trade post.
Day 3: Lumo day and Taste of the Gambia; A day to enjoy some local cuisine specially prepared by the Gambian Chefs association, do all your shopping and find some bargains in a special market trading in local made goods
Day 4: Futam Paf; Take the Rites of Passage at the home town of the President,
Day 5 Free day; Symposium in the evening 6pm to 9pm
Day 6; Visit Makasutu; Eco-Tourism Culture Forest, Walk the nature trail and experience the quite and tranquil river in a dug out canoe, lunch and African Dancing
Day 6 Evening, Gala Dinner, Live Music Concert and Farewell show.

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