Holiday Tips

For your safety always check sea conditions, look for the nearest flag which will indicate the colours:



Do’s and Don’ts

SUN STROKE is very serious! The sun is deceivingly hot especially if there is a breeze. DO NOT sit in the sun for long periods of time. DO always drink plenty of water and DO always wear a hat when taking long walks. Dehydration occurs quicker when drinking alcohol and with the combination of the sun, you increase the risk of suffering sunstroke.

BANJUL BELLY as it is commonly known often occurs through not drinking enough water. Alcoholic drinks ARE NOT a substitute for water. Symptoms may start with a headache, dizziness and stomach cramps. In severe cases, high temperature with vomiting and diarrhoea can occur. In such cases avoid dairy products and drink plenty of water. DO take care where you eat too, contaminated food and water will also make you ill. Make sure the establishment has running water and back up power facilities.

SIMPLE REMEDY : A drink made from rice water with a little sugar and a pinch of salt will help to settle the stomach, if symptoms persist seek medical advise from a professional doctor.


Afrimed Clinic, Senegambia: Dr Omar Jagne Tel: 4465359 / 7739415
Kololi Clinic, Kololi: Dr Ceesay Tel: 4463434
Lamtorro Clinic Senegambia: Dr Sallah Tel: 4460934
Ndebaan Medical Center: Dr Jack Faal Tel: 4496426

PERSONAL SAFETY : DO NOT walk alone or on lonely roads at night, especially dark areas. The Gambia is a relatively safe country, but DO use common sense, take the same precautions as you would in Europe. Take care of your money, DO NOT carry more than you need when you are walking around.

AVOID TEMPTATION : Rent a security box from your hotel if one is not provided free. Elsafe have safety deposit boxes for rent in most hotels always make sure your personal belongings and credit cards are safely stored, DO NOT leave them lying around in your room.

DRESS CODE : Dress sensibly, DO NOT walk in the streets in swimwear as this is SOCIALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE. Topless bathing is permitted on the beach, but DO NOT walk around topless. Simple casual clothes are fine during the day, men should wear a shirt in the evening time. Short sleeve and casual trousers are acceptable.

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