Charity Work

Responsible tourism isn’t just about switching lights off in your rooms and saving water. The TTAG believe that responsible tourism also includes directly supporting the community.

Education is the key to responsible tourism and this needs to start with young children as soon as they enter school. Every child is entitled to education despite his or her background. Unfortunately this is not always possible, which is why we are investing our time to help with local school projects, which help the very needy. By educating the children we can also help the local families strive to make a better future for themselves.

It is hard to believe that there are children living just a stone’s throw from the big hotels that have never seen or used a flush toilet or know how to use a knife and fork. These are some of the things that we all take for granted and are essential for them to learn if they may one day become our future employees or employers.

Responsible tourism can give them the chance in life that they may otherwise be deprived of. Education can make all the difference between employable staff or the bumpster nuisances on the beach.


If you would like to help, but are worried where the money will go to; we can put you in contact with local based charities, which help local schools direct. This avoids the high administration costs of the big organisations and make sure your money is used for what you intend

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