Animal Welfare

The welfare of Animals in and around the tourist areas are a big concern, not only for the prevention of the spread of disease but also to prevent unnecessary suffering. As part of responsible tourism, members of our association actively support Gambicats and Dogs, by way of providing accommodation and funds for overseas vets to conduct regular neutering programs and sponsor feeding during the low season when food is scarce.

GambiCats & Dogs are a UK based charity which was formed in 1998 to help improve the lives of stray cats and dogs in The Gambia. Their objective was to humanely control the cat and dog population around the hotel areas. Periodically they will arrange vets from Europe to visit The Gambia at their own cost and voluntarily conduct neutering programmes along with the local vets. All neutered cats have their left ear tipped and dogs ears are notched, which is an internationally agreed method for further recognition. The dogs are micro-chipped and given anti-rabies injections. The Department of Livestock Services have endorsed these method as a responsible and humane measures to control stray animals. Since support for the charity has grown there have been a number of Cat Cafe’s and Dog’s Diner’s opened in some of the hotels where the cats and dogs are regularly fed and the guest can visit. If you are interested in the welfare of the animals ask at the reception if the Hotel supports Gambicats and Dogs. They will have their brochures which will give you more information of their work. There is a permanent team of Gambian staff on the ground, lead by Dodou Bojang, who do their best to feed and ensure the welfare of the cats and beach dogs all year round, especially during the low season when the tourists go home and food is scarce. If you would like to help with a donation please contact them on:

Mobile: 9900756 Tel: 4463251 or go to their web site:

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE FOOD FROM THE BREAKFAST ROOMS TO FEED ANIMALS. Member Hotels will give them food from the waste of the Restaurant.

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