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The Gambia has a magic that brings people back year after year and it is still one of the safest destinations in the world! It is the nearest English speaking destination to Europe with guaranteed sunshine all year round. Average flight time is just 6 hours. The Gambia‘s relaxed laid back pace of life is ideal for those who prefer a quieter holiday, yet The Gambia offers a wealth of history and culture which can be explored by boat or by road. The local people are friendly and are always willing to share their knowledge over some Ata (green tea) or even invite you to join them for lunch. For the more adventurous there is lots to see and do!

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The climate is very comfortable offering guaranteed warm sunny days and cool evenings between November and May. The summer months brings rains, which fall mostly in warm short showers, the land turns a lush green and the birds and the flowers produce an amazing array of colour. The Gambia has over 500 different species of bird, many of which can be seen in and around the Kombo area.