What is the Tourism and travel Association

The Tourism and Travel Association was originally formed as the Association of Ground Tour Operators to ensure the safe passage of visitors in The Gambia.

The TTAG has since opened its doors to other sectors of the Tourist Industry such as restaurants, bars, equipment hirers and shops. Our aim is to work together to offer a better service and to improve standards and safety to the highest levels which are required for the modern day traveller. Working closely with the Gambian Tourist Authorities and other associations such as the Gambia Hotel Association, Association of Small Scale Enterprise in Tourism and Responsible Tourism Partnership, we are able to improve our services and quality of product.


  • To promote co-operation, encourage high standards, discipline and professional conduct, also to provide a central organisation of tourism enterprises in The Gambia.
  • To co-operate with any organisation both national and international whose aims and objectives are identical to those of The Association.
  • To promote and develop the welfare and interest of The Association.
  • To increase the volume of tourism to The Gambia and the sub-region.
  • To improve services offered to tourists within the field of operation of the members in particular and other fields in general.
  • Communicate with people not connected with tourism to give them a better understanding of the industry.
  • To encourage fund raising projects in the association with tourists to improve facilities for the Gambian public and generally to engage in charitable projects self help projects for the improvement of Gambians.
  • Improve co-operation among the members bearing in mind that the members are independent bodies free to carry on their business as they deem fit according to the Code of Conduct of The Association.
  • To strongly lobby the relevant authorities to ensure that The Association is not affected by individuals or companies operating similar activities in an unlawful manner without proper permits or licenses.
  • To establish a good relation with the Department of State for Tourism and other authorities.


The Tourism & Travel Association are a group of Honest and Insured Tourist based companies who strive to make The Gambia the safest destination for holiday makers in the world.

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